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Charlene Corn & Debbie Churchill, the sister team behind CeeCee & Bee

At CeeCee & Bee we handcraft natural apothecary goods inspired by yesteryear

I’ve always been one to appreciate the simpler things in life. Sifting my toes through the sand at Moonlight Beach on a quiet, summer day. Savoring the naturally delicious organic ingredients in a local farm to table meal. Or, creating pretty little things that make people feel good.

Maybe it’s because I was raised by the beach. Maybe it’s because when my friends ate Wonder Bread and bologna sandwiches, I was choking down dry whole wheat bread with fresh ground PB & honey. Maybe it’s because I didn’t always feel good myself, and I wanted to. So I enjoyed making others feel good.

I may never know why I do the things I do. But there’s one thing I do know: the more we complicate the world—with over-scheduled calendars, processed food and chemically-laden skincare products—the less we get to enjoy the best things in life. Like the natural goodness we enjoyed before the industrial revolution took the purity out of our products.

If anyone knows what impure products can do to your skin, it’s me. For years, I unknowingly used products loaded with irritating ingredients. And as a result, I suffered with severe skincare sensitivities that left me feeling frustrated, uncomfortable and insecure every time I looked in the mirror.

That’s why I, along with my sister Debbie, created CeeCee & Bee, a thoughtfully handcrafted apothecary inspired by yesteryear. Infused with naturally luxurious ingredients like the lavender I grow in my own backyard or the salt water I find just down the street at the infamous Scripps Pier, CeeCee & Bee products feed your skin and fuel your soul.

Today CeeCee & Bee products can be found in locally-owned, earth-friendly boutiques and on Etsy, the international online marketplace that connects people to unique, handmade products.

We invite you to explore our store, and find out why CeeCee & Bee products look, smell and feel oh so good!